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Vita Ferm

  • Vita Charge Paste 80mL

    Perfect for keeping a tube in your show box or show barn. Comes in 80ml or 300ml tubes. How it Works:Vita Charge® contains two times the recommended Amaferm® dosage along with essential vitamins, trace minerals, and macro minerals to...

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  • VF Sure Champ Cattle 50lb Bag

    A highly palatable, pelleted, daily supplement fully fortified with vitamins, minerals and organic trace minerals. Nutritionally balanced to stimulate appetite and optimize health and performance potential. Can be top-dressed or mixed into a complete...

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  • VF Cattlemen's Blend IGR/CTC 1

    Economic solution to provide ample vitamin and mineral fortification to compliment a wide variety of forages and support general herd health. Contains Altosid® to minimize performance loss associated with high fly densities. Provides the proven...

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  • VF Cattlemen's Blend Aureo 3G

    VitaFerm® Cattleman's Blend™ AUREO 3G Size: 50 lb. bag Product Number: 10930 An all-purpose vitamin and mineral supplement for beef cattle on pasture that complements a wide variety of forages to meet basic nutrient requirements. Includes...

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