• Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider

    Ghost Rider Reg #4205722 Original Name: BS Mind Games DOB: 4/10/2013 Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz Dam: HA First Ruby TH: Free PHA: Free Color: White DS: Carrier Horned Ghost Rider is one of the more intriguing Shorthorn bulls to come along in quite...

  • FSF Bearcat

    FSF Bearcat

    FSF Bearcat Reg #4188233 DOB: 3/14/12 BW: 95 Sire: Jakes Proud Jazz Dam: FSF Valley Rose 2149 TH: Carrier PHA: Free DSH: Carrier Polled FSF Bearcat is as stout and wide as you can make one and is passing this bone, muscle, and "softer look" to...

  • Red, White, & Roan

    Red, White, & Roan

    Red, White, and Roan REG #4202764 DOB: 3/13/2013 BW: 81 Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz Dam: KG Cinderella (Double Stuff X Diamond Lets) TH: Free PHA: Free DS: Carrier Horned Red White And Roan is a THF/PHAF Sire that has extra muscle and width...



    Reg #4164498 DOB: 01/03/10      Tattoo: 3X      Huge butted, super fronted, great hair and unmatched agility make him the right choice for powerful show calves. Great, natural, show-ring presence with...



    FSF Starburst 058 Reg# 4170852 DOB: 3-28-2010 BW: 85 Sire: FSF Stardust 777 Dam: Jake's Sierra 211 TH: Free PHA: Free DS: Carrier Horned   Now deceased FSF Starburst is one of the hottest young bulls in the Shorthorn business! Smaller,...

  • EUC Tabasco

    EUC Tabasco

    Reg #x4185580 DOB: 03/01/10 Tattoo: EUC31X Tabasco is a % bull who makes fantastic show quality steers and heifers. He is super structured and his hint of Maine in his pedigree ensures lots of hair for his progeny.

  • Absolutely


    Absolutely is massive in his makeup and bone circumference. He's smooth jointed and heavily muscled with a deep lower quarter. Super hair!   Click Here For More Information!

  • Sonny N Clear

    Sonny N Clear

    Reg #4101615 DOB: 04/02/05   Sonny N Clear has been one of our consistently high sellers, because he produces the kind in demand for today's moderate, chubby, cool lookin' market.

  • SULL GNCC Salute

    SULL GNCC Salute

    Reg #4107854  DOB: 03/20/05 Salute is the "king of the ring" when it comes to making powerful show-winners. He's unequalled in producing mass, volume, power and style. There isn't much semen left, buy it now.

  • K-Kim Baseline

    K-Kim Baseline

    Baseline was the $40,000, high seller in the 2007 Genetics in Motion XII Sale. He offers a tremendous profile and possesses the popular Pretender genetics.   Click Here For More Information!

  • HD Swagger 802

    HD Swagger 802

    Reg #x4141971    DOB: 03/07/08   The Swagger progeny are looking extremely good at Schrag Shorthorns in South Dakota. Swagger was a member of the Reserve Champion Pen of Three at the NWSS for Hahn, IL in 2009. He is...