SULL KNIGHTED MAN 6231D  Reg#: x4248442    DOB: 02-07-2016   Tattoo: 6231D   BW: 87   CF TRUMP X - DSF - PHAF - THFSULL RIGHT DIRECTION ET - DSF - PHAF - THFNPS DESERT ROSE 004 - PHAF - THFSULL GNCC...

  • FSF Near Perfect

    FSF Near Perfect

    FSF Near Perfect Reg # 4229373 DOB: 8/12/15 BW: 90 THF/PHAF Sire: FSF Bearcat Dam: FSF Madeline's Rose An outstanding individual named at birth is the new must use bull for 2017. Double clean and impeccable in design and build. Combines two...

  • Jake's Sultan of Jazz

    Jake's Sultan of Jazz

    Jake's Sultan of Jazz 213S Reg #4135958 DOB: 3/24/2006 BW: 76 Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz Dam: Jake's Nola TH: Free PHA: Free DS: Free Polled   Sires more capacity, fleshing ability, and function than any Shorthorn available today. Sires low...



    Damn Proud has earned his reputation the old fashioned way... he earned it. Damn Proud was thought to be the best Shorthorn bull in the yards at Denver in 2011, or some say, of any color.  This one is functional, stout ribbed, and massive hipped...

  • Damn Proud

    Damn Proud

    R-C WG Damn Proud Reg #4168708 DOB: 2/9/2010 BW: 89 Sire: Jake's Proud Jazz 266 Dam: WG RC Golden Cherry 622 TH: Carrier PHA: Free DS: Carrier Polled   Damn Proud will generate those heifers with a maternal look while being correct in...

  • A&T Captain Obvious

    A&T Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious is the most exciting calving ease sire we've seen in quite a while! Outcross pedigree & asterisk free, he is extra sound structured, free moving and good footed.   Click Here For More Information!

  • DF Talladega

    DF Talladega

    DF Talladega 3X ET Reg #4164498 DOB: 1/3/2010 BW: 90 Sire: HD Bloodstone 603 Dam: WHR Poppin Girl 2R01 TH: Free PHA: Free DS: Free Polled   Huge butted, super fronted, great hair and unmatched agility make Talladega the right choice for...

  • TM Gus 36S

    TM Gus 36S

    Reg #x4113396  DOB: 02/20/06 Tattoo: 36S 2009 NWSS Champion. Polled, purebred, asterisk free Shorthorn. Gus is in the top 10% Weaning Weight EPD with his first calf crop. He's making some great looking progeny.

  • SULL Achiever

    SULL Achiever

    Achiever is generating tons of interest from Greenhorns in Ohio. He was a member of Sullivan's Champion Denver Pen and is a full brother to two National Champions!   Click Here For More Information!    

  • Pure Gold

    Pure Gold

    *SEMEN PRICE: Subject to change at any time without notice Shorthorn Purebred SIRE: Dakota Gold DAM: Thrillers Mother (1518) DOB: 2.5.18 BW: 88 lbs THF • PHF • DSC   SEMEN: $35/Unit*

  • HP Manimal 1C

    HP Manimal 1C

    HP MANIMAL 1C Reg#: s4217548   DOB: 03-04-2015   Tattoo: 1C   BW: 84   WW: 724   YW: 1290     SASKVALLEY ULTRA 12J - THFSASKVALLEY BONANZA 219M - DSF - PHAF - THFSASKVALLEY BRENDA...

  • Red Neck

    Red Neck

    RED NECK Reg#: 50% Shorthorn   DOB: 03-02-2017 BW: 83  Sire: Monopoly Dam: Mel-Bar Dream Lady (Grey Goose)