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  • Brown Ultimate X7752

      BROWN ULTIMATE X7752 RAAA 1385238 Born 01/06/2010 Owned by: R.A. Brown Ranch Family, TX; ABS Global, Inc., WI The Calving Ease Outcross  Progeny proven -4 BW with great marbling and maternal...

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  • BTO

    BTO BW: 90 THC / PHAF SIRE: MAB DAM: Troubadour If you need a bull to stouten up your cow herd, this is the one. He combines a tremendously big hip and heavy bone all in a cool yellow package.

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  • Buddy Love

    Buddy Love

    Buddy Love Sire - Broken S Peepin Tom Dam - I-40 (2nd in Class Tulsa State Fair) Full Sister Divsion Champion OYE   Two full sisters are currently being shown by Robison's and McPeak's. 

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  • Buford

    Buford DOB: 1/12/14 BW: 59 THF / PHAF Sire: Baby Blue Dam: Baby Blue/Blk Hawk Brangus

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  • Bull Crush

    Bull Crush DOB: 3/21/15 BW: 86 THC/PHAF SIRE: Monopoly DAM: Ali/Panda Bull crush is another exciting descendent of the infamous Panda cow family. This cow changer is stout hipped, monster boned, super hairy, and incredibly sound. Use this cow...

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  • Bushs Unbelievable 423

    Bushs Unbelievable 423 Reg# 16745888 DOB: 2/4/2010 BW: 75 Sire: SAV Bismarck 5682 Dam: Bushs Blackbird 8708 OSF   Unbelievable is an incredibly designed calving ease prospect that owns unique neck extension, unquestioned structural...

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  • Business Done Right

    Business Done Right   BW: 80 Sire: Lovin' the Business Dam: Ammo 388/Donor 474 (3/4 Charolais) TH: Free PHA: Free Business Done Right is derived from a Mimms cow family and features the great Horn herdsire, Lovin' the Business.

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  • Byergo Black Magic 3348 #17803

    BYERGO BLACK MAGIC 3348 AAA 17803074 Born 08/14/2013 Owned by: Byergo Angus, MO; Friendship Farms, GA; ABS Global, Inc., WI The Breed's Dominant #1 Beef Value Sire  Maintained his position as the #1 $Beef sire in the...

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