Red Angus

  • Jeffries Checotah 817C

    Jeffries Checotah 817C

    Proud Power and Performance  CHECOTAH is the #1 option for both weaning and yearling performance in the current ABS lineup - THESE CATTLE GROW  Outcross pedigree for most all ABS genetics, combines tremendous growth and...

  • Brown Ultimate X7752

    Brown Ultimate X7752

      BROWN ULTIMATE X7752 RAAA 1385238 Born 01/06/2010 Owned by: R.A. Brown Ranch Family, TX; ABS Global, Inc., WI The Calving Ease Outcross  Progeny proven -4 BW with great marbling and maternal...

  • Andras Fusion R236

    Andras Fusion R236

      .92 ANDRAS FUSION R236 RAAA 1506931 Born 09/18/2011 Owned by: Andras Stock Farm, IL; Collier Diamond C Ranch, TX; ABS Global, Inc., WI Energize Your Herd with Fusion  FUSION is currently the #1 proven...

  • LSF SRR Big Beef B630

    LSF SRR Big Beef B630

      LSF SRR BIG BEEF B630 RAAA 1709420 Born 03/31/2014 Owned by: LN Cattle Company, MT; Orion Beef Group, MT; Lorenzen Ranches, OR; JST Angus, CA; ABS Global, Inc., WI We Have the Beef  BIG BEEF is all beef with...

  • C-Bar Evolution 107Y

    C-Bar Evolution 107Y

      C-BAR EVOLUTION 107Y RAAA 1474506 Born 02/08/2011 Owned by: C-Bar Ranch, KS; ABS Global, Inc., WI Complete and Evolved Genetic Package  EVOLUTION sires a very rare combination of calving ease, data excellence...

  • Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U

    Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U

    Red Cockburn Ribeye 308U   Reg #1416579 DOB: 1/25/2008 BW: 85 WW: 681 YW: 1329 Frame Score: 7.3 Sire: Red Bar-E-L Ribeye 103R Dam: Red Wilar Cora 443P OS: Free   Ribeye is the popular Soo Line Dispersion feature, commanding a...

  • TLF King of Hearts

    TLF King of Hearts

    TLF Kind of Hearts   Reg # 1719597 DOB: 3/20/2014 BW: 60 WW: 876 YW: 1240 Sire: WEBR TC Card Shark 1015 Dam: TFL Ridling Red Dawn Polled   King of Hearts has style plus performance with a show pedigree on both sides. He will put...

  • Red Lazy MC CC Detour

    Red Lazy MC CC Detour

    Red Lazy MCCC Detour 2W   Reg #1352939 DOB: 1/15/2009 BW: 89 WW: 768 YW: 1297 Sire: Red RMJ Redman 1T Dam: Red Lazy MC Bess 12S AM: Free DD: Free DM: Free MA: Free NH: Free OS: Free   Detour won shows all over Canada as a calf...

  • Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334

    Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334

    BROWN JYJ REDEMPTION Y13341AR00946 - 1441805 Redemption has reached the pinnacle of the breed, and is widely recognized as one of the breed’s best, all-around sires. This prepotent sire of rapid early growth and moderate...

  • Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U

    Red Lazy MC Cowboy Cut 26U

    BD: Feb. 10/08 BW: 90 lbs Adj205: 928 Adj365: 1428 Mature Scrotal - 42cm - Yearling Scrotal - 38cm.   RED LAZY MC STOUT 30S RED LAZY MC SMASH 41N SSS BOOMER 803B RED LAURON YB ROSA 11G RED LAZY MC SCYTHIA 78N RED LAZY MC...

  • Red Lazy MC CC Detour 2W

    Red Lazy MC CC Detour 2W

    RAAA# 1352939 • PB Red Angus 5L Norseman King 2291Sire: Red RMJ Redman 1TCrowfoot Kuruba 4033P Red Lazy MC Smash 41NDam: Red Lazy MC Bess 12SRed Lazy MC Bess 73N Detour won shows all over Canada as a calf. His dam was the 2008 RBC Supreme...

  • N Bar Hamley S913

    N Bar Hamley S913

    Reg #1102983 DOB: 05/04/06 Tattoo: S913  Hamely has set the bar of excellence the past several years for the breed as far as producing highly marketable and appealing cattle. He's produced show winners and sale toppers across the country and his...