• VAR Revelation 6299

    VAR Revelation 6299

    V A R REVELATION 6299 Reg#: 18432146   DOB: 03-10-2016   Tattoo: 6299 MCC DaybreakAAA Quaker Hill Rampage 0A36AAA QHF Blackcap 6E2 of4V16 4355AAA Connealy OnwardAAASandpoint Blackbird 8809AAA Riverbend Blackbird...

  • Maternal Made

    Maternal Made

    DOB: 3/2013 Sire: Mercedes Benz Dam: Irish Whiskey TH: Free PHA: Free   A breed changing Maine bull built for the real world! As stout, chbby, and hairy as you can get in a TH and PHA free package! Genetically and phenotypically outstanding. High...

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  • FSF Near Perfect

    FSF Near Perfect

    FSF Near Perfect Reg # 4229373 DOB: 8/12/15 BW: 90 THF/PHAF Sire: FSF Bearcat Dam: FSF Madeline's Rose An outstanding individual named at birth is the new must use bull for 2017. Double clean and impeccable in design and build. Combines two dominating...

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  • Shut Eye

    Shut Eye

    Shut Eye No Worries x Whizard Act BW 52 lbs Unassisted out of a first calf heifer TH/PHA/DS Free Semen $30/unit

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  • W/C Night Watch 84E

    W/C Night Watch 84E

    W/C NIGHT WATCH 84E Reg#: 3336327   DOB: 02-28-2017   Tattoo: 84E CCR COWBOY CUT 5048Z 2703910 BB PPCCR ANCHOR 9071B 2882759 BB PPCCR MS BARB 2120Z 2711485 BB PPWAGR DREAM CATCHER 03R 2289346MISS WERNING KP 8543U 2446017 BMISS...

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  • Anchor 771

    Anchor 771

    O C C Anchor 771A Back to Angus Price List Semen: $125.00 Certificate: $30.00 Registration 11684971 Born 12/30/2003 Reasons to use:1:Anchor sires unparalleled muscle, volume and fleshing ability.2:Anchor daughters are...

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